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Song Of The Day! To the South, Bluebird Shares ‘Little Life’. “Feelings flow, to tear-fall decadence.”

To the South, Bluebird is Sorin Pop’s one-man ‘dream pop’ project, a Transylvanian, Romania based multifaceted musician who recorded his first album, ‘Longings’, in his bedroom.

“This song is just a part of an album focused on the human condition. The classic battle between good and evil, man and god, and the newer battle between softness and roughness. A battle that no one won. A snake that bit its tale. Songs inspired by inner turmoil, much more than external surroundings. So maybe the city that they were cradled in is less relevant.”

This beautifully crafted single is a soaring testament to inspiration and alt-rock delight.

Sorin’s outdone himself with the production of such, as the tears of remorse, doubt, curiosity and ecstasy, roll into a decadent sliver of time and grace. Profoundly found in ultimatum and seduction, the words of the honest protagonist, reveals a sight of a person with too damning of a life, but never fully unashamed to disavow externally prying eyes.

The judgements of ingratiating on-lookers, weigh in on the shoulders of the protagonist, cracking the pillars of confidence – crushing the last drop for optimism and, life.

The river of flowing feelings is gorgeous in ‘Little Life’.

Kudos, Sorin. Kudos.

That is why ‘Little Life’ is Song Of The Day.

See Sorin next @ Expirat, Bucharest Romania on December 15th.



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