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Toebow Announce Debut EP ‘Spirit Mane’ (April 6) + Share First Single ‘Starfucker’.

First singles, from a debut album. Oh boy, so exciting. Always. We feel happy for the band, tis all. And non different in this situation, where Brooklyn’s Toebow announced the EP ‘Spirit Mane’ (drops April 6), and their first single release. ‘Starfucker’ is exactly what the band is described as ‘experimental, instrument driven, rock’.

Love the vocals on the song, very ‘outer worldly’, twanging with certain terrestrial psyche rock elements.

Their handlers call it ‘a tapestry’. It certainly has the layering, and maybe we don’t know (at the moment) how to escape the entanglement. But it’s the good kind. The good entanglement of sounds tugging ever so on our sleeves.

Try, try, try. Find, find, find. Will cry, cry, cry. Don’t cry. The relevant slips of note paper, to the girl behind you in class. Never reciprocated. Profoundly embarrassed. Try, try, try. Smile, smile, smile. Pull through.

We don’t really wanna escape, this strands of sound.

The band consists of spiritual smiths: Nate Ulsh, Martin Zimmermann, Jo-Anne Hyun, Charlie Kessenich, Maia Friedman, and Olenka Burgess.



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