TOLEDO ‘It’s Alive!’ : Dream-pop sonic confectionists bring on even more charm and sweetness

TOLEDO / Photo: James Lynch

Daniel Alvarez and Jordan Dunn-Pilz are together, TOLEDO. And the Brooklyn based dream-pop sonic confectionists bring on even more charm and sweetness in this decadent indie story telling in ‘It’s Alive!’.

A story about relationships through the metaphor of the Frankenstein, the duo said: “One of us was starting a new relationship, while the other was coming out on the other end of something long term, and we wanted to talk about the period of identity crisis that can follow. It’s easy to become confused about what is you, and what is the other person.”

An imbued markup of tenderness and understanding, is riddled in the unfortunate and the confusing of living and life. The history of a body, floating in this river of this existence, is charmingly encapsulated in this capsule.

“We are both huge fans of horror movies, halloween, and gothic fantasy. We’re also both probably masochists.”

The contrast from the heft of the story, and the levity of shimmer within the song, makes this a signature style of TOLEDO.

An enjoyment, flutteringly opulent.


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