Tom Boy ‘Long Way Home’ : Life, in a way, is that journey. Something’s got to give.

Tom Boy

Toronto based duo TOM BOY was formed by singer Nate Daniels and guitarist Dante Berardi Jr. after the dramatic collapse of their former band, CAIRO. After facing the threat of music unheard, the two musicians collected their resources (and what was left of their pride) and began to feverishly work on new material in 2018.

Contrasts and deluge in emotive examinations is where the duo supposes with their single ‘Long Way Home’. A song of memories, regrets, and victories, the bitter-sweet tang of the production gleans with effervescent strength and absolutions for the coming future.

Daniel’s soft and faltering vocals that eventually burst into the powerful range, gripping your heart and of heart aches.

“We can’t continue to live the lie that our lives are perfect and shiny, fit for role model status. Our careers reflect the choices we have made and it’s about time our songs reflected that as well.”

Life, in a way, is that journey. Something’s got to give.


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