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Tom Hannay Shares ‘The Feeding Hand’. “How country and breaking hearts should sound like.”

Can a sound, sound like it belonged in a golden age of a genre? TOM HANNAY’s indie-country offering of single ‘The Feeding Hand’ signifies a return to a place of worship for many music geeks who love a dang good time in listening to their own hearts break. Well at least the memory of their hearts breaking.

TOM HANNAY’s interpretation of this country vibe is encapsulated perfectly in this classic sounding but modern single ‘The Feeding Hand’. All of the elements required for such an endeavor, flows right and direct. And from the alt-twangy vocals of Tom, dictating and illustrating the massive heart-break and encroached disappointments, indelibly sulk our own listening ears of our own personal trials and tribulations.

Relatable? Heck yes.

Refreshing? Heck yes.

Country? Heck yes.

Have a go with Tom in this single. The light and no-pretense presentation is a delight.

It’s the ‘other’ direction for country music, if there was an alternative dimension.




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