Tom Visser ‘Health Scare’ : Defending against such sadness and urgency, is an inevitable fallout of existence.

Tom Visser

A moment clicks. Out of the blue. Thought that the current state, would never become the future. A myopic vision, of life so seemingly dark, turns on a dime, to reveal additional beauties of new knowledge. Filled with an auspicious dangling of happiness, sadness, disappointments and surprise, you scratch your head – moving on to the next chapter.

‘Health Scare’ by Tom Visser, is all of us – growing up – growing mature.

“‘Health Scare’ is not about COVID 19!” Tom assured. “It’s a jumble of memories, like most of my songs. I think I was cycling with my Dad, and in that moment I felt like I was stronger than him, like a generational baton was being passed. I felt, for a brief, fleeting moment, free from the weight of any expectation or past experience, and that I had the opportunity to reassemble those pieces into a different shape”

As the song builds through a gentle piano refrain and Tom’s heart wrenching vocals, he sings of ignoring the problems which come to us all with age.

“The health scare I’m doing my best to ignore, is the existential kind; a fear of what’s locked deep in my DNA. And that in that moment, perched precariously atop a bicycle, I somehow had autonomy over my future. It was not a lasting epiphany…”

Moments like these are infinite in our day-to-day. But we persevere, via our biological make-up, and with learned attention to what’s next. Survival is always a double edge sword. And defending against such sadness and urgency, is an inevitable fallout of existence.

Negative? No. Just life.

Tom’s viability-in-story, is stupendous. Let’s dig his works.


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