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Tom West Shares Gloriously Sentimental Single ‘Emiko’. “The ups and downs of trends are manicured into colors.”

Tom West – Emiko

With his distinct vocals and irresistible melodies, Tom West sings deeply personal lyrics in ‘Emiko’ – a song where themes of feeling out of place and inadequacy, resides and blooms to a beautiful concoction of melodies and gorgeous hymns.

Adelaide originating, Tom West plays music that traverses the rocky and undulating ground between simple, whimsical folk tunes and grand and moody soundscapes.

From his absolutely beautiful vocals, he belts out in silence, a calm and rapturous remembrance for the person that the protagonist in ‘Emiko’ relied upon in his world. The sacrifice of living realities, consumed by wants and needs, delicately chewed the psyche of the bounty – withering into nothing, and circumspect.

The ups and downs of trends are manicured into colors in ‘Emiko’, where you can easily feel the presence of the story telling at its finest.

Looking forward to even more from Tom.

See him next @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC, on October 12th.



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