Tom West ‘Stuck On Repeat’ : A learning and soothing process for entertainment, indeed.

Tom West

Tom West’s ‘Stuck On Repeat’ precedes an album to be released in the summer of 2020. And from that album release, a new dawn of goodness will have been delivered.

From his absolutely beautiful vocals, he belts out in silence, of calm and rapturous remembrance. The sacrifice of living realities, consumed by wants and needs, delicately chewed the psyche of the bounty – withering into nothing, and circumspect.

Said Tom: “…we have unprecedented levels of unemployment and inequality, unmitigated environmental catastrophes unfolding while we’re living in crappy share house-houses owned by millionaires. With this song I was hoping to reflect a little on existence in this context; for myself, but also equally for anyone else who might be staring up at this situation even more cynically…we’re stuck repeating this cycle and realistically powerless to change it. ”

Go see Tom.

A learning and soothing process for entertainment, indeed.


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