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Tomer Krail // One High Five // Jamie Drake // Chris Diller // Gabriella Cilmi

Tomer Krail – Saturday Morning

“‘Saturday Morning’ is an exploration of modern work culture, and the feelings of burnout and anxiety. We follow our disgruntled and unreliable narrator through a day in the life of an office drone, seething quietly while plotting revenge.” TOMER KRAIL is a very involved folk-Americana rocker. And in this single, the story telling is the primary objective, as a bird’s eye view of a corporate man turns into a potentially deadly scheme for life – his life. A life that is built upon cement layered resentment. A life that sees less and less of quality and value for his existence. A life that has lost its color. A dreadful vision for an individual, whom maybe one of us, is distilled with sadness and care through the song. Tomer’s gentle and moving character in his vocals, asks the right questions.

One High Five – Fast Food

That’s right. Once you’ve seen the music video for ONE HIGH FIVE’s single ‘Fast Food’, you can’t un-see it. But you don’t care. It’s become your ‘guilty pleasure’ now, and maybe until your next girlfriend comes across your way. The song is about the hardships of the remaining band members, after a breakup: “Initially, I didn’t want to mention past band members, but it’s part of my story,” David said. “Continuing line up changes have left me feeling vulnerable and warped my sense of trust in myself. I am trying to refocus my journey and be a positive source of inspiration to myself and others. Sadly, I think a lot of people can relate to wanting to be free of the need of approval from others and the self-doubt that prohibits them from moving forward in their lives.” And maybe before that next girl-friend of yours appears in your life, maybe you can work on your own faults and limitation. ‘Fast Food’ is that ‘coulda-shoulda-woulda’ kind of indie rock vibe, and it’s a lesson to foster inside your brain. Let’s rock.

Jamie Drake – Oh Well Oh Well

“‘Oh Well Oh Well’ was written in the wake of my loss of faith in God a number of years ago,” said JAMIE DRAKE of this gorgeous single. “Some people choose to discard their faith; mine simply disappeared as if someone important to me died one day and it felt like I could no longer understand a language I had known my whole life. This experience left me feeling as though I was walking around in the dark for many years. ‘Oh Well Oh Well’ celebrates the loss and confusion we experience as humans when we know that hope is just around the corner. I think this, in part, is what faith is, essentially. It takes faith to know that even if you are feeling like it is the end right now, in this moment—that at some point, you will be ok.” Catch this lovely and profound artist next on August 24th in Santa Ynez, CA @ Sunstone Vineyards & Winery.

Chris Diller – Gunpowder River

CHRIS DILLER’s back-porch toe-tapper is that wild-country side that you’d always had. From the harmonica, ukulele, guitar, and to that river side lazy afternoons, keep ‘Gunpowder River’ going and going. The singalong track is easy to consume, easy to vibe, and easy to drink up. A one-man-band has been on the road since 2014, and still does it how he’d wanted it to be. And that is beautiful to see.

Gabriella Cilmi – The Water

‘The Water’ is the title track of her upcoming EP. The uniquely voiced folk/country artist keeps us listeners at the edge of our seat with classic anthems of this caliber. Gabriella explained: “The lyrics were inspired by new age prophets and the self-professed messiah types, who promise you heaven on earth if you follow them, sign up to their courses or donate to their “churches” funding their lavish lifestyles. I was watching Wild, Wild Country at the time and I guess that may have sublimely influenced me.” ‘The Water’ is the follow up to Gabriella’s single ‘Ruins’. See her next in London on November 7th at St Pancras Old Church.


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