Tommy Ashby ‘Everywhere Is Home’ : Tauntingly vibrant and reflective vision.

Tommy Ashby

Produced by the artist and double Grammy Award winning producer Sam Okell, ‘Everywhere Is Home’ is Scottish singer-songwriter, Tommy Ashby’s, title track which offers tauntingly vibrant and reflective vision.

Tommy said: “Much of the EP was created during lockdown, I recorded a lot of the material myself, with the majority of communication happening over email. I worried at first that this might make things sterile but instead it has given ideas time to breathe and has left everything feeling very organic…It is also the first EP where I self-produced a song ‘Blood Wolf Moon’, which feels like a real milestone. With the current situation I think the more self sufficient you can be the better!”

‘Everywhere Is Home’ was co-written with artist/producer Karl Zine (RINNGS) and reflects on how it is our relationships that sustain us as humans and make us happy, a notion that has been made even more relevant during lockdown.

“I wrote this song after I’d just come back from touring in America where we had spent many a day driving long into the night and staying in lonely motels,” added Tommy. “I had been feeling homesick and started thinking about when you are with the right person then you don’t feel like that, anywhere you end up can be home, everything else is just stuff; we get obsessed with but isn’t really important.”

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