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Tommy Champion // Jane in Space // Hey Greg, Hello // JUJU BELL // Abc Dialect

Tommy Champion – Summer Symphony (Happy on Repeat)

We’d called TOMMY CHAMPION in a previous single review as: “…the resurrection of a different decade of scintillating psyche/prog hard-rock.” And in ‘Summer Symphony’, the summer vibe just comes through with excellence, as you’d expect. The rolling ups and downs of relationships are encapsulated in the lyrical goodness and the guitar work of this pretty single. Tommy plays all of the musical parts of his songs. Nothing unusual about that, but that his results are of poignant and hefty subjects that just come off as light and delicious as a morning pancake from your significant other. Love is ‘Summer Symphony’.

Jane in Space – Thru the Vines

Off of their album ‘Gorerunner’, JANE IN SPACE offers a single named ‘Thru The Vines’. Said producer for ‘Gorerunner’, Keith Hillebrandt (Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie): “After doing the JIS “Weightlessness” remix I was really interested to see where the band would go with their next collection of music, as I felt they were just scratching the surface up until that point. When they started presenting me with the rough versions of their new tracks I knew right away that I wanted to be involved in helping them take that next step sonically and artistically…. they really encouraged the more experimental stuff I did with the tracks, a rarity in today’s cookie cutter music climate. It was their fearlessness and openness to ideas that really made them fun to collaborate with.”

Hey Greg, Hello – Say the Word (I’ll Be at Your Place)

Gregory Brown’s project HEY GREG, HELLO is an amalgamation of rock, notions, suppositions, and that niggling feeling you get when a rain drop splashes on your nose. The butterflies of nervousness is contained and managed, as you deem a deep stride towards your aims. Intertwining glimpses, dawn on the thought of your brain, as your excitement to see her – to see him – drool in anticipation and animalistic urge. The tonic of longing, and burning desires, tear down the house of ornate dignities. There’s no shame, nor mores to adhere. It’s time to caress. It’s time to kiss. It’s time to embrace our desires.

JUJU BELL – Bring Me Down

JUJU BELL’s ‘Bring me Down’ is as precious as any of her previous works. We’d called JUJU: “A precocious and anxious delight…all encapsulated within just one kiss – a hug – a recognition for who and what you can or cannot be.” A mystery of beauty and expectations swing wildly and controlled in ‘Bring Me Down’. JUJU’s vocals make it okay to desire the same from your own wants. The consumption of the business of your aims, will increase as you become focused and serious. The mellow vocals contradict the pace of urgency. And as the r&b/soul framed offering kiss off the shimmer of pop goodness, you shutter in anticipation.

Abc Dialect – Searching

ABC DIALECT formed in 2017 and the London based Argentinians, Tomás Susevich and Luca Oliva Knight, makes music that chills and simply makes you cooler. We’d been enamored by the duo and had stated: “Delectable in its progression, with funk and jazz elements, dancing and prancing around those gorgeous bass lines, you dance to the beat, even if you’re at work. You must be a bit careful not to disturb your colleagues (for they have an major presentation to finish), but they will smile with you and give you nods of agreement when they hear this fab single.” Love at first bar? Heck yes. Keep the dancing going.


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