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Tommy Leahy Shares Single ‘Cobblestone Streets’. Fears, Interpretations, Expectations. Just Love.

Getting along to the side of the valley, of hope and expectations, was the easy part for Nadine. The valley was so important to her. The green grasses following the wind’s from the far skies of gold and blue. Whenever she escaped to this place, she felt rejuvenated and invigorated. She outstretched her arms from her sides, tilted up her chin towards the heavens, tip-toeing her feet in a silent gesture of satisfaction. On that cliff of her life’s stresses, she heeded warning to those emotions she knew so well.

She had to. For she was in love.

This place – a place of sanctuary – was her home for so long. But now, this would be the last time she’d visit it for comfort.

A new chapter was being built. And she’d found the partner who’d help her achieve that. She was happy. Very, very happy.

So she was here to say goodbye to the valley of herself. Thanking it for all the years of hugs and support. Nadine wasn’t sure she’d not visit here again, but she was hoping so.

“Goodbye, valley. I love you, but I hope I won’t be in your presence again.”

“But if I do come back, I hope you’ll be as accepting and empathetic, as you’d always been.”

Tommy’s voice is true and honest in its presentation to his songs. It’s perfect fit for the folk/rock genre is a testament to his lyrical construction. ‘Cobblestone Streets’ is a fabulous single to listen to, for sure. Tommy has that old-world story telling songwriting that we always appreciate here at CHF.




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