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Tommy Newport // Alexander Sun // Lowkidoki // Only Me // The Como Brothers

Tommy Newport – La Riviera

There are artists who can describe the colors of the rainbow through their songs. But TOMMY NEWPORT has a knack in prescribing colors that he’d like us to see. What you see, versus what others see could be different. But the 18 year old artist consistently brings the heavy 2×4 of emotional ambiguity and guilt-less love that we sometimes want and desire. Said Tommy: “My end goal was to create a vintage vibe and show the story that history repeats itself even with totally different people sometimes. Contrasting colors to represent my own different personalities with black and white.” Through a song like ‘La Riviera’, a song deep in sexual innuendos and heartfelt methods of love and loving, the riotous depictions grind you slowly apart. You don’t want to admit your fetish. But it’s embedded deep. And you know it. Fab song and video from the fab Tommy Newport. His latest album ‘Just To Be Ironic’ is available now.

Alexander Sun – Circles

Jangle be thy name. No. That’s our name. ALEXANDER SUN’s single ‘Circles’ is the after-effect of the ‘jangle’ we find out when we’d had enough of the profound environment we live in. It’s the calming chat between your ‘good’ and the ‘naughty’, in your head, within your soul. While taking sips of the beer in front of you, and being mesmerized by the ripples in the pint glass, you realize the droplets are your tears. Those tears cost a grand of your heart’s love for her. She’s not here with you any longer. ALEXANDER SUN is the project of Alex Ensoll. With fuzz and tactical guitar licks, we drown in our sorrows, highlighting inadvertently the little good that’s left in the world.

Lowkidoki – Breakfast In Bed

This is off of LOWKIDOKI’s debut EP ‘Well Balanced Diet’. We’d been impressed with the arrangement skillz from the duo in the band. The tricks of lyrical work, playing off of 90’s dance pop, ‘Breakfast In Bed’ is a fab example of low key sonic retro-vision, which swirls around your soul and kicks butt. You can’t get away from it. It’s all that is, in this several minutes of listen time. We’re fans.

Only Me – Alpha Wave

When we sometimes fall in love, a song like ‘Alpha Wave’ plays in our heads. Well, we’re not sure at the exact moment, for we’re concentrating on the gal at hand. But we assume there would be a dramatic combo of tinged baroque, blues, rock, and jazz playing in our head and heart. Because to be honest, we all want to start off the relationship on the right foot. Even though she hasn’t been acquainted by her future partner. Stalking? Nope. It’s how we human beings work. It’s that moment before we approach for the first ‘Hello’, the first ‘Smile’, the first ‘Mutual Recognition’. ‘Alpha Wave’ by ONLY ME is that electrical transaction.

The Como Brothers – See the Light

THE COMO BROTHERS are Matt and Andrew Como. The singer/songwriters from Long Island, New York brings the kind-hearted and heartfelt folk-rock love that we can fall in tune for, easily. And we did. With positive and rambunctious guitar work, finds the two in a flight over the world, spreading it with the flower petal loveliness we’d come to expect. The two brothers play off of each other with high emotion. The calming vocal on acoustic, cauterizes the bleeding heart, in the effort to fight another day. We can survived, then thrive with ‘See The Light’.


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