Tommy Ocean ‘Carry On’ : Iteration of emotions.

Tommy Ocean

Tommy Ocean is a singer/songwriter based in Breisach, Germany who is influenced by classic American folk music, records his music live, and brings his fans the kind of real human experience not often found in the modern world.

Ocean’s journey into music began in childhood and continued into his teens, learning to play guitar and sing, but he then took a 20-year detour into a medical career. He’s only been all-in on original music since 2017 when he had his magic conversion experience playing and singing around a campfire in Northern Denmark to people who were amazed by his voice and skills.

To him, music is much more than just entertainment-he sees it as a means to communicate in a way only music allows: Bringing people together in a very special, universal and natural way to create an impact that resonates.

Tommy has been a staple at CHF, as he’s shown us his simple but direct folk acoustic lyrical poetry, again and once again. ‘Carry On’ like his other single, reflects the simple and cosmic vibes of where we all want to and long to be. His words are what stands out in every iteration of emotions.


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