Tommy Ocean ‘Four Wheel Spaceship’ (live at : “Can’t wait for the lockdown to ease… Be safe.”

Tommy Ocean

“The song catches the vibe I’m currently in…Though I wrote it last summer in a different but related situation (my van had a flat tire on a field in Spain during a surf trip miles away from the next garage and it was raining and the field began to get pretty muddy…),” said Tommy Ocean.

The song was played during a 1h live stream concert at

“I really enjoyed playing live stream, especially all the cool comments people wrote while I played- I think we all had a blast, drank some cocktails, and so on…Can’t wait for the lockdown to ease!”

Tommy’s journey into music began in childhood and continued into his teens, learning to play guitar and sing, but he then took a 20-year detour into a medical career. He’s only been all-in on original music since 2017 when he had his magic conversion experience playing and singing around a campfire in Northern Denmark to people who were amazed by his voice and skills. He had never connected with an audience like that before and now wants to find out where this road will lead.

To him, music is much more than just entertainment-he sees it as a means to communicate in a way only music allows: Bringing people together in a very special, universal and natural way to create an impact that resonates.


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