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Tommy Ocean // Sal Paradise // Gaspar Sanz // Dead Slow Hoot // Girl Band

Tommy Ocean – Tell Me

The faster paced and stripped down recording of ‘Tell Me’ is distinct because of TOMMY OCEAN’s innate way of expressing through his vocals. And when the sparkles reflect back from the lyrics, you have a delightfully airy and substantial single offering. Slightly different from most of his slower paced, more traditionally indie-folk songs, ‘Tell Me’ though quicker paced is of the same DNA with harmonica and acoustic guitar in tow. Tommy’s unique vocals make his music, what it is – and distinctively affectionate. Grandeur of sights and sounds, in a most delicate of ways. Tommy is based out of Breisach, Germany and he brings the good to all his listeners.

Sal Paradise – Kai’s Song

You say “wow” when you first listen to SAL PARADISE’s single ‘Kai’s Song’. The mature and majestic vocal harmonies float you forward and just wafts you to another Universe. The atmosphere building by the band is expert, as the organs stamp dreamy feelings of nostalgia and of modernity. The St. Paul MN based rock band is sequentially beautiful in their techniques of making something delightful – even the smallest of happiness and wealth in heart. Nothing in life is absolutely perfect. Perspective from the POV owner, can only know fully. And because we’re animals scurrying on about on this thin crust that surrounds this planet, we can just try our best. SAL PARADISE knows it. We know it. You know it. So, let’s just enjoy the small things, the grand things – while we all can. Let’s smile more. And that includes after a severed relationship of love. Let’s move on, shall we? SAL PARADISE thinks you’re better than that. Their latest EP ‘Table for Two’ is available now.

Gaspar Sanz – Meanderthal

Sydney based band GASPAR SANZ brings the excitement in single ‘Meanderthal’. You cannot not like this single. Listen to the infectious chorus and you’ll feel it. With a distinct falsetto settled in for the vocals, the single is a dangling thrust of jangling habits, with psychedelic effervescence. The band described the song as being: “about how everybody has their own reality within themselves that they’re constantly trying to reconcile with. We struggle to truly understand what other people may be experiencing. Ultimately it’s about the dualistic nature between empathy and ignorance.” ‘Meanderthal’ is the first single from their 2nd EP.

Dead Slow Hoot – An Island Keen To Float

Sheffield based 4 piece rock band DEAD SLOW HOOT’s single ‘An Island Keen To Float’ is an anthemic vibrance in mixed emotional hedonism and multiplicities in human affairs. The post punk band debut with album ‘No Reunions’ earlier in 2019, and they have been garnering the reputation of knowing how to grip serious subjects with hearty musical commitments and melodically dissonant varieties. Experimental, electronic, shoegaze, rock – whatever is cast on each song, DEAD SLOW HOOT’s brooding vocals and understated ‘darkness’ is always menacing and accepting. The MV for the tracks was shot in Lewes, East Sussex, on November 5th during the commemorative celebration of when Guy Fawkes was executed.

Girl Band – Shoulderblades

GIRL BAND is made up of missionaries to visions, Dara Kiely, Daniel Fox, Alan Duggan, and Adam Faulkner. In ‘Shouderblades’, they take you back – way back – to that place of disgruntlement and ambiguities. The powerful music is accompanied by a powerful MV performance. Alan said: “In many ways the idea behind the album was to make an audio representation of the house”. Daniel continued: “We recorded all the drums twice: once on the landing and once in the cellar, and during production we could actually cut in between both these sounds.” Daniel with his feet in both camps as musician and producer explains: “After we cancelled the last tour we weren’t really writing together as much anymore so we were more into demoing and writing down parts then cutting them up, collaging them together in the computer and reconfiguring them that way.” Horrifyingly satisfying and experimentally astounding, ‘Shoulderblades’ is Nine Inch Nails meet indie-rock amplitude. Attitude is all over this offering, and you can’t take your eyes and ears off of it. Get your socks knocked off with GIRL BAND. Their new album ‘The Talkies’ will drop September 27th.


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