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Tommy von Gloom Shares ‘Because Blue Eyes’. Sound Vibes. Sound Waves. Throw Them Out.

There aren’t any rules to sonic projects. It’s all about a certain focus. Is the project about ‘feel’? Certainly all the time. Is the project about sound manipulation? Of course. Is it a pop song? Not always. Does it have to satisfy your thoughts and sensibilities? Yes. Honesty is the best route to take in song construction.

And we think this short and dynamic ‘song’ demonstrates what can be achieved.

TOMMY VON GLOOM is a New York City dweller who sings about the stuff that matters to him. Well, all artist do that (we hope), but it’s definitely true of Tommy. His sentimental production of a note and utilizing the combination of sonic noise makers is true to what we want to listen to.

“Shorter track placed in the middle of the 7-song debut project titled ‘The Adventures of Dirt Boy,’ uses a french horn, mellophone, guitar, bass, piano, and drums. Created by Tommy von Gloom a New York City-based artist who produces music from his bedroom.” as Tommy has us believe.

Tommy’s an artist with a bone to pick with (1) sound vibrations, (2) sound waves, and (3) impressing girls. Well, we just made the third one up, but we certainly think the first two are close to truth.


Advice: take Tommy as he is. Absorb his artistic mannerisms. Then throw them (with Tommy) into that garbage bin in the sky. Then we all can take a swim together with the dripping madness.

Kudos, Tommy. Kudos.



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