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R&b aesthetics, fully immersed in the language of vibes, and resistent to thought of stagnation, the artist named TONI comes at us with ‘STTP’. From note number one, you’re inhibitions stop to exist, and the dancing secret overflows with excitement. The downtempo sensibilities are inherent in this majestic production. It’s in a way, regal.

Gino Lee x Jackie Paladino – Can You Tell Me What Love Is?

JACKIE PALADINO is the voice you here on this track. And on ‘Can You Tell Me What Love Is’, she hits the right notes at the right angles, and our senses are immediately turned into fans. The single is a voiced remembrance for a love that was, but not any longer. But the memories are fondly shelves in the mind, as it continues to attribute the goodness of that moment in time. Collaborating with producer Gino Lee, Jackie delivers a classic performance in this single. We’re convinced of her posed question in the song; as we’re convinced of her honesty and generosity in posing that question that remains.

WizG – Back To You (feat. Mechi Pieretti)

Mechi Pieretti’s feature in ‘Back To You’ by WizG, is a hype-em up cavalcade of excitement and jurisprudence in an emotional fun-ride. The rollercoaster of relationships carve varying nexus in between such parties. But when ‘Back To You’ plays in the background of your life, it seems to be a moot point of contention. There needn’t bee a complex direction within a relationship (or the destruction of it), for maybe, it’s just the way it flows. WizG is an duo formed in 2017 forged by Josh Wizan and Kostas Garcia and with Argentine singer Mechi Pieretti, ‘Back To You’ comes alive.

Leah Nobel – Earth & Sky

LEAH NOBEl has a unique vocal tone that is both empathetic and consuming. And in ‘Earth & Sky’, the Nashville based singer/songwriter has that touch of decretion and blast of color at her finger tips for our listening pleasure. Off of the upcoming album ‘Running In Borrowed Shoes’ (February 8th), the artist had interviewed “100 people and collected” their stories, which turned into songs. ‘Nature’ is a big part of her upcoming album, as her subjects proudly indicated their admiration for nature, and what it means to them. Leah ultimately brings those notions into sonic life, and we’re very much glad we’re here to absorb the goodness. Empathy is Leah’s genesis; her music is the consumption for substance – which she brings to fruit.

Jon Vinyl – Work

JON VINYL. What can we say. His work speaks for themselves, as the r&b/soul framing gets us ‘crazy’ with delight. ‘Work’ is the Jon “paying homage to the beautiful exhaustion that is songwriting.” Paying tribute to the craftsmanship needed in writing songs, tells you much about part of who Jon is all about. The respect, the fight, and the ‘never-ending’ struggle to overcome the challenges of the love that he feels for his work. Crisp and delectable, the guitars guided vocals of Jon, delights with no limits. Close your eyes, and you’re there. It’s the way to go, when you need a bit of support in your own hard week of work. Word.


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