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Tony Bullets Shares Single ‘Sad Boy’. No We Don’t Wanna. But We Kinda Wanna.

It’s the chorus. Full stop. TONY BULLETS is a pop band that bends the rules, you can say. They turn things, right round, then tickle you to death with an iron skillet to the back of the head. But without bursting the vessels, it seems like you were killed by an innocent fall down the stairs.

That’s how your crime of not listening to TONY BULLETS would sound like by Bill Kurtis of Cold Case Files fame.

Then you’d say to yourself: “Self. I’m famous!”

You’d be wrong about that, and at the same time be a dunce for not listening to TONY BULLETS. You’d be in jail before dinner, and not even had the ‘kurt-is-y’ to jam out with the ‘Sad Boy’ chorus.

The band consists of: Evan Hughey, Tim Leete, Max Clark, Dave, and Grant Baker. These folks have been doing their ‘weird’ little band thing producing some quality shoegaze/indie-pop/psychedelic-synth music for their audience to get crazy on.

We’re glad that we’re on the journey with them, now.

Kudos gang. Kudos.

On September 1st, check them out @ O’Brian’s Pub (Allston, Mass) with friends: Mint Green, Cosmic Johnny, Spish. Should be a good time.



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