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Song Of The Day! Tony Njoku Shares ‘CONFIDENT’ + Music Video.

Multi-faceted producer/singer/artist TONY NJOKU brings his new album ‘Your Psyche’s Rainbow Panorama’ to the fore (October 4th). And within it, there lies this gem of a single named ‘Confident’, which is a fabulously delicious resonance of art versus commentary.

Said Tony of his latest album: “The motto for this album is “feelings are facts”, derived from the title of another popular art piece by Olafur Eliasson. The purpose of the piece is to heighten your sense of disorientation whilst experiencing it, which triggers a more visceral/instinctive reaction rather than an intellectual response to the work. With YPRP I’ve tried to do the same, it’s meant to be experiential rather than narrative.”

Tony’s visions for what his music should be is a distinction that belies the gravity that encapsulates it. The whirling grit of the constant and rightly placed synths, inject the footprint with this earthy and visceral texture. The colors pop off of the audible waves, as it subdues the surroundings with ample primary ratifications of the heart. Confessional and blunt at times, Tony does his best not to explode with unrelenting energy and pent up frustrations.

The brooding underpinnings in ‘Confident’, never capsizes and never wanes. For Tony’s management in controlled expulsion of his personal tacts, work in harmony and resilience.

Video was directed by Max Jedwab.

See Tony next on October 19th at the Simple Things Festival in Bristol, UK.



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