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Chelsey Cliff

Tony Palkovic – Heart to Sing

Tony Palkovic stated: “This song was inspired by a blind Beetle. The cruel irony of having wings and no sight. Through everything, to dig deep and find the Heart to Sing even when you’re down and the odds are against you.” The San Diego based artist takes one step, and expands into a whirlwind of ballads and wisdom. The busking vibe is where Tony has attributed from the delight of this Mraz-like single ‘Heart To Sing’. Beautiful in all the ways Tony has imagined, the serenade for our hearts, comes with zero calories. All that offers is the enjoyment of each other’s company and a singalong decadence, in love. Happiness, smile, hugs, and a future to build towards – ‘Heart To Sing’ can be exactly of that. Maybe we are just like that Beetle, no? Let’s work hard.

Nathan Aeli – ~ o ~

“I’ve found my sense of purpose through creation and I’ve made it my life long goal to never stop creating in the figurative/ physical speech. To stop creating is to stop existing, therefore I’ll create until I no longer am sentient and what I’ll leave behind will hopefully inspire others to create, feel and find their own creative expressions.” Gothenburg Sweden based Nathan Aeli doesn’t realize how good this single is. Or maybe he really does. We’re succumbed by his high pitched call to the heavens in the chorus. We’re succumbed by the heaviness of his breath in expression. We’re succumbed by the glory of it all. Nathan added: “”Clinging to a memory, praying about future past, not wanting to wake up, feeling rejuvenated, trying to assemble in cosmic chaos, leaving a mark and worrying over absolutes. All these things and the key points of each topic and highlights a different side, depending on what light you reflect it in.” Off of his ‘Katja’ LP, ‘~ o ~’ scowells with bated breath and emotional resolution. If you really wanted to.

COUSIN KULA – Invitation

Cousin Kula announce the release of their 2nd EP ‘Stroodles’ (November 8th). And along with the release of the EP, comes along a danceable skip and a hop sparkle of psych-pop single ‘Invitation’. To celebrate the release of ‘Stroodles’, the band will be releasing a 12″ blue vinyl on November 8th, with ‘Stroodles’ on one side and the previously released ‘Oodles’ EP on the flip side. The vinyl package will be released via Chiverin and will include singer Elliot’s artwork printed in a booklet. This is a band with an energy not just about the way they make music, but about their day to day life, which translates to the stage with vigor, turning audiences into fans up and down the country. See them next @ FIVES, Falmouth UK, November 13th.

Parasol Caravan – Serpent Of Time

Linz-based band counts on calm psychedelic moments merged with heavy fuzz and driving guitar riffs, a fusion epitomizing the right amount of progressiveness and beaming the listener directly into orbit. Since their formation in 2009, Parasol Caravan’s fuzztronauts have worked tirelessly on their reputation as an outstanding live act in the stoner rock cosmos. Aggressive and rockin’ out like there’s no tomorrow, Parasol Caravan delivers with beefy riffs and even beefier stories from the fabulous incantations. Built on the talents of Alexander Kriechbaum, Bertram Kolar, Richard Reikersdorfer, and Vincent Böhm, they riot with the sophistication of mercenaries, ready to dethrone the menaces to musical absences. A fulfilling deal that always come with a fantastic drive for rock goodness. Their latest album ‘Nemesis’ drops October 25th. See them next @ kv roeda, Steyr, Austria on October 25th.

Forever Overhead – IRL

Forever Overhead is a 4 piece based in Brighton consisting of two old friends and two new. Their music attempts to mix the emotional hooks of popular music with the weirdness and experimentation of the alternative. Drawing comparisons to Aphex Twin, Grizzly Bear, and TV on the Radio, this odd but so very poetic band comes up with the goods in ‘IRL’. A direct assault on emotions not yet scarred, the vibrantly melancholic and nostalgia vibin’ single radically decapitates the notion of what limits a song can deduce. From fabulously morose vocals, to the delivery of layered images in the lyric; thrown up against the gnostic musical notes and unalterable palisades of the subject at hand – your head becomes swoon in dusts of fairy tales, simmered by the realities you’d been pining. A mixture of cocktail that just sings and brims with understated confidence and fabulous underpinnings. Honesty comes off swimmingly in this single and it’s fab. See this unique band next @ The Old England, Bristol UK, November 14th.


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