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Let’s see them again: Some Indie films we loved in 2017.

We love indie films at CHF. And we try to watch as many of these quirky and off-the-beaten-path, kinda films often. Whether it be from our DVD collection, or at the theater, it’s good to get away from the popular large studio films, sometime.

Our love affair and infatuation has been with A24, an arthouse slash indie film production company in NYC, which has done great with a small string of great films. We loved ‘The Florida Project’, a heartfelt story about a typical real world situation held together by extraordinary love. Willam Defoe is fab in this.

Another is ‘I, Tonya’, which featured Margot Robbie as the infamous Tonya Harding. The film is direct, empathetic, and helps reveal some aspects of the real Tonya Harding and her plights through life. Another perspective of a person and personality whom, America hated for a long time.

Michael Cera in ‘Person To Person’ is a fun, anecdotal look at several lives living and surviving in the big Apple. Its moments within the film, make up for the predicted slow pace, of such a film style. We’re into these kinds, fyi.

Anywho, check ’em out.

Oh, A24’s ‘The Disaster Artist’ is a hit, by the by.


The Florida Project
The Disaster Artist

Samuel Goldwyn Films

God’s Own Country
Maya Dardel

Magnolia Films
Blade Of The Immortal
Person To Person

I, Tonya


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