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Tops – Petals

Tops’ Petals is smooth. Very smooth. Smooth as a baby’s bottom. Maybe smoother. The ecosystem of this song is just a sun lit plains of a blue-green grass marsh. Cool shade to the touch, warm and inviting under the UV lights.

Jane Penny brings the smooth to the hilt, incorporating some jazz and dash of blues and rock. The indie-pop group surely does the good, tipping our ears to enjoyment and addition.

Yes. Addiction. Can’t help but listen, listen to their past and current offerings. And their offerings are to be heard, not to be read about.

So, after this “semi-review”, go below and view the video. Then, go to their Social accounts and follow. Then, go and buy their stuff – if you can of course =D

Anywho, we like them for being snazzy, glitzy, chic, memorable, and good at the music thang.

We dig lots.

Oh, and they’re really popular and they’re booked to the brim until end of the year. They deserve it, we think. And they’re from Montreal also. Dang it Montreal, you got some good talent. Kudos.



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