Torrid Horror ‘An Ode To The Chair’ : Gritty ride of soot soaked black rains of inertia.

Torrid Horror

“This is a song about revenge,” said Caine, “and the exploitation of perceived weakness. It’s a story of a woman’s birth, the atrocities she commits, how she fights against the constraints of her disabilities and how she ultimately lets a murderous urge consume her.” C

Born out of the cold corpse of South Coast heavies The JCQ and Let’s Talk Daggers, Torrid Horror is Hannah, Caine, Steve, Alex and Maud, holding no ideals to subscribe solely to one music genre.

With an initial idea of forming a Peep Show influenced trap-punk project, the band’s sound evolved into ‘we do what the fuck we want’ aural expression. Retaining punk sensibilities, they added B52s-style backing vocals to Birthday Party style lyrics, shouted in the same vein as a British Jello Biafra.

What a rush.

The party-hardy vibes really do come through with the biggest ‘nightmares’ of your youth; shouted out like the best of British punk scene that can be mustered. A gritty ride of soot soaked black rains of inertia, envelopes you, in kind – and you love it.


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