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TORTIE: ‘Voyage’ Resuscitates The Sunken Heart, For A Featureless Future.

Bound by the indiscriminate rays from the bright yellow ball of heat in the sky, he knew he had very little time left. The infinitely marching stab wounds from the desert heat was just too much for one body to take. He’d been in this desert for about 6 hours, he estimated. But at this moment, he couldn’t be too sure his brain was working right.

Just a day ago, he’d been next to a back-yard pool, with his girl at his side, and friends who came over for a BBQ party. There was plenty of beer, drinks, and food for all to eat several courses. His now burgeoning family of 4, was the only thing on his mind. He was in a way, a very happy man.

So, what had taken place where a normal suburbanite is thrust under this heavy weight of an barren land which he’d never set foot on before?

In a simple word, “you’ve got to work smarter. Not harder.” He knew in his line of business, one mis-calculation can cost you your life.

And that time had been realized.

Taking his jacket and putting it over his scorched forehead and shoulders, relieved his pain, slightly. But his parched lips were as dry as the cracked dirt underneath his former Gucci leather shoes. Come to think of it, he thought, these leather shoes are hurting his feet. Then no, he thought, everything hurts. The drip of his own blood from the bashing he’d gotten prior dried up on his darkened face. He had torn his button up shirt, into a short sleeve, but he was regretting that move vehemently. “Why the fu*k did I do that for,” thinking about the now torn shirt. “Arms are just torn apart!”

He muttered, and kept on walking towards the perceived sanctuary of the far away mountain peaks.

He didn’t know how long he’d be able to stay alive.

But as they say, “That’s show biz. Gotta roll with the punches.”

That beer a day ago, would surely taste good now.

As night fell, the silence was deafening, and the man who had it all, without a whimper, was absorbed by the cloak of nature, never again able to reach that featureless future.


This infectious and playful single is lovely.

But just like the death at the desert, the single is as serious as it can come.

Listen to the arrangement. Listen to the chanting. Listen to the keys.

What the single entails and promises to do is to throw your sensibilities into a tizzy. And sometimes, when you’re in tizzy, imaginations are ignited, stories are told, and magnificence is felt.

That’s how we felt when listening.

Don’t really know much more about the San Francisco based artist, yet. But guess, all we need to know, right now is her songs. They do just fine for now. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Get on that journey, and take a voyage with TORTIE. We think she’ll be around for a long while.

Well played TORTIE, well played.


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