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Torus Eyes Shares ‘Ancestors’. “Let’s get out of this place of the dark and gray.”

Rho Solomon and Gwendolyn Dot bring the Universe into clarity with relevance in beats in quantitatively ecumenical turbulence, all in a method to boast the unreachable and the underwhelms psyches.

‘Ancestors’ is a synthwave track about ‘healing’ from the ‘despair and isolation’ of our realities. The journey is an embarkment of islands in though, never before visited. While the heart of it all relies upon the unwilling and the quasi-heroic, to burst out of shell of mediocrity and beyond.

The undeniable vocals and layered songwriting is laced in the fabric of the song’s passion and style. The runway for the stars, starts with a slow kernel of thought, within reason – finalizing in the haze of frustration then explosion to wish for something new.

Let’s get out of this place of the dark and gray.

The visual accompaniment is a cosmic journey where the beauty of the Universe reveals itself, as the soul of the passenger increases in depth, as the physical bodies of notions and misgivings melt away with haste and radical existentialism. This video is the collaboration with filmmaker and visual artist CBruV.

Rho and Gwendolyn met in Detroit in 2018. Similarities and in-kind ambitions in aesthetics, compositional approach, production, soulful creating, open communication, and overall vision, has kept them together.

‘Ancestors’ is a single from Torus Eyes’s debut EP ‘Pythia’.

See them next @ UFO FACTORY for their release party on October 17th in Detroit.



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