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Transit Club ‘Go.Flow’ : Dusting ourselves off, with an end to a special chapter in our lives.

Gently wafting aromatics.

Swedish-Canadian indie pop band Transit Club are back with ‘GO.FLOW’. The melancholic and heartfelt break-up anthem sips from the well of good-will and attitudes of no-regret. A brave way to move forward, when things seem to be falling apart.

“”I think ‘Go.Flow’ is my first honest break up song,” Steve Motion. “The song thematically grows from positive and naive, to bitter and distraught. Sure, ok, let’s just go with the flow, lose control, and do nothing to make this work.

Steve continued: “‘Go.Flow’ is a passive aggressive acceptance of letting two people drift apart, ignoring the urgency of the situation, instead of facing feelings head-on. Musically I’m really excited about Agnes Jensen’s vocals (especially during the bridge) that cry out with me in harmony.”

Conjured from feelings of empathy and unfettered dedication to the Universe of love, hate, momentary lapses, judgements, and innocence – the candor of Transit Club’s ‘Go.Flow’ is a gently wafting aromatics, mechanically profound and substance whittled down to the core elements of light and the gray. A feeling in self-righteous refute of the things that go wrong while we live our lives, bears full bore, as the stab wounds in those heart rendered athletics, profoundly and judiciously, melt you into the children we once were.

Through it all, we survive. Through the harsh winters of relationships, we survive.

Through it all, we rise again, dusting ourselves off, with an end to a special chapter in our lives.

Steve Motion, with Olle Ahlsson (Guitars), Frej Forsman (Keys), Agnes Jensen (Vocals/Percussion), Niklas Levedahl (Bass) and Olle Ronach (Drums) makes this pop indulgence prosper.



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