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Tree Museum Shares Contextual Beautiful ‘Run Calm’. “Heading west of the mind, relishing in past’s heart.”

Susan Brown

Veterans of Thunder Bay, the reliably poignant offerings of TREE MUSEUM stays a tradition as the contextually beautiful single ‘Run Calm’ feathers you towards that wide future. Looking back from now, your past seems heartening and maybe a bit gray. But what are you if you’re not made of star-dust and dreams from the past-future?

We’re all looking at the past, to grow, to meander, to reminisce, to procure, and to expand. It is the nature of this beast we’d been blessed and offered once we’d seen the light of life. The glow of our future is hindered and forwarded by the instigations of our past dreams, fueling in high-octane gusts. Whispers of glory, and personal triumphs occur, as much as the valleys of the un-tendered grifts of mistakes and follies.

That’s what we are: star-dust and dreams.

We think TREE MUSEUM’s latest single ‘Run Calm’ is that description of a vast circumstance we sometimes have a hard time grasping, hoping. The Toronto based band blends Aaron’s expressive vocals with gumption and spirit with each passing note on this single.

Dark, but positive, ‘Run Calm’ continues the tradition of the sweet and the possible, for the band.

The band stated ‘Run calm’ is a song: “Touching on themes of reassurance, lessons in patience, and tips for growing into ones own skin.”

It sure does, with flying colors.

TREE MUSEUM consists of Aaron Tocheri, Adam Houle, Greg Smith, and Taylor Price.

Open your heart, and let this delightful addition to your rotation warm your being.



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