Trees and Machines ‘Dancing Through the Streets’ : Fight better and stronger. We all dance, to make the best of what life can throw.

Trees and Machines

“I started writing the song almost 2 years ago, when I came up with the simple guitar riff walking around my apartment in San Francisco. Over some time I developed the lyrics, imagining a life away from the busyness of city living. During Covid times, to me there is something poignant about this song, as we settle into the refrain of, “We all need some company”, in this time of quarantine.”

Inspiration from change of acts and habits, are what these couple of months of high anxiety has been. Artists of all sorts, trying to relieve those exact emotions, step up to the plate to use their life’s skills to add goodness to the space.

We all dance, to make the best of what life can throw. Sometimes we get hit. Sometimes we skillfully evade to fight better and stronger.

Trees and Machines, think we should aspire for the latter.

We think so too.

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