Treis ‘Midnight Wine’ : Story telling with a burst. Enough poetry. Let’s dance.


“‘Midnight Wine’ is the third single off our upcoming LP that I love and cherish,” said Treis. “The lyrics are a somewhat sinister interpretation of drunken fun, but may also be interpreted as a period of self-actualization; why IS no one else dancing? Something has changed around the speaker in a way they can’t really put their finger on, and instead of facing the reality of the situation, they “turn the music up” and distract themselves from doing any self-discovery by getting another drink and singing the night away.”

Treis is a conceptual singer-songwriter artist from Orlando, Florida. The artist documents the events of his life through music, as well as multi-perspective narratives using suburbia and classicalism as icons in his story.

The photographer’s mind is where Treis’ lyrical works lie. Just like the streets, a gradient of souls walk the vibes of our existence. And through the morass, there are slices of shimmer and delight where artists can gravitate and observe. Treis decides to do so, with a moment of saltiness and plethora in sanctity for truths.

A fab combination in story telling.

Enough poetry. Let’s dance.


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