Trends ‘Blanket Party’ : You smile, and you dance for joy.


Los Angeles alt-rock quartet Trends have forged one of those intrepid indie-rock identities that allow ample wiggle room for artistic adventurousness. Trends shares its colorful collective musicality in their debut album, ‘Palettes’.

“Our band name is a play on the fact that trends are an everlasting concept—if something falls out of favor, it comes back 20 years later,” explained Marina Paiz (lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist). “This speaks to our music being open-ended. It will always be us playing the music, but we will allow things to change over time.”

You can’t really explain what you are, up against this tsunami named Trends. The band is a wave of nostalgia and ooey-gooey goodness. The charming surf pop vibes keeps it at a high level, and whenever the ladies and gents share their songs…. then POW. You’re awake once more.

You smile, and you dance for joy.

Fun times. Trends, must.


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