Trent Halliday ‘Cuckoo’ : Chill, acoustic led, indie-folk song with a crisp, restrained arrangement.

Trent Halliday

The third single from my upcoming new album (September), ‘Cuckoo’ is a chill, acoustic led, indie-folk song with a crisp, restrained arrangement and semi-symbolist lyrics.

English guitarist, singer/songwriter and producer Trent Halliday co-founded garage-rock band DeepSeaGreen in 2008, performing lead vocals, guitar and taking on the majority of writing duties.

In 2018 he released his first full length instrumental album, the broadly minimalist inspired, orchestral-folk collection Paper Lights. his last album The Weight of an Hour, was released in December 2019.

Currently working on a new album of acoustic songs in self-isolation.


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