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TREVOR DERING Shares ‘Mrs. Goldwatch’. “Don’t See Through Me. Work With Me.”

It was all for you. My focus never deviated from the goal. I live to please you. I live to make you happy. My life is there to make you the best person I can help achieve.

But you always neglect me.

You never appreciate me.

We’d been together for many years. It’s changed.

Things HAVE changed.

I don’t drive the fanciest cars, because you do.

I don’t wear the best clothes, because I want you to.

I don’t live in the best apartment, because…

You drive me crazy.

Why don’t you recognize me?

Why don’t you love me that way?

Maybe, I don’t love myself, enough.

‘Mrs. Goldwatch’ is Trevor’s 4th single.

Rollin’ on, like a boss.



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