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Trevor Forrest’s Single ‘Likely Story’. Expression Is Where He’s At. Glad He’s Staying A While.

Emotions are expressed in various amount of degrees. You, to your girl. You, for your girl. You, for yourself. Recalcitrant but predictable is what our human emotions seem to communicate to us, day in, day out. Sad but unpredictable.

That look of confusion when she listened to you, in that captivating autumn’s early afternoon.

She cried. Without tears.

And you saw that for the first time.

The defiant act of her trying to keep her cool, not show you the fact that she didn’t want to shed tears in front of you – was that first break and a realization.

The candid moment was the civil war of her soul.

And you lost in that first instance.

TREVOR FORREST is based in Brooklyn, and his vocals are to be listened to. Expression is where he’s at, and his supporting multi-instrumental arrangements exist to highlight the best in his story telling.

We think he’s where he should be.

We’re glad he’s staying for a while.



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