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Trevor Sensor – High Beams

Exquisite in its presentation and deliciousness, Trevor Sensor’s High Beams is your quintessential ‘Transformer-like-song’ for your next drive, special day, self-congratulatory-minute, and/or yogic transcendental mind journey.

The song is fabulous.

Can’t get away from that fact.

It’s infectious to us, here at CHF.

It’s whimsical. It’s serious. It asks the right questions.

It tells a tale that can’t be folded and put in your pocket.

But it can be taken and filed in our feeling hearts.

We’re often late to the party (as far as experiencing new artists and their songs), but we are glad we got there. And with Trevor, it’s the ‘getting there’ that is most important.

This tactile green light of a song from Trevor is no less than a tremendous offering to the masses.

And we dig it to 10 feet down into the terrestrial atmosphere.

We think you should too.

And why ‘Transformer-like’? Because it fits into so many facets of one’s daily life’s stuff or actions. It just transforms and molds; or it transforms you into something minisculely better.

Kudos Trevor. Kudos.

He’s rep’ed by the dope Jagjaguwar label, for his latest offering.

Also, seems his tour dates are packed!

Check ’em both out!



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