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TREY Shares ‘Feel’. “We Think That’s Something To Celebrate.”

You know that feeling of ‘teen love’ that we had? It’s a great feeling. You know that feeling of ‘twenties love’ that we had? That’s a good feeling too. You know that ‘fifties love’ that we could have? We’re sure it’ll be a good feeling too. Of course, the sometimes philosophical entity named ‘love’ goes on and evolves as the days and years go by. However, it’s an ‘eternal opportunity’ to salvage, accept, cultivate, with the one you adore.

Je t’aime.


Je ne peux pas vivre sans toi.

Love is a double edged sword, and at the worst of times can make you ‘deviate’ from your plans. At the best, it fulfills your life with added warmth and helps in a personal prosperity.

TREY seems to know what’s what with this thing called love. And in this second single ‘Feel’, the rolling jazzy guitar work drums up the good that comes with the package.

Blending Midwestern (US) sensibilities with fun lyrics and rock idiosyncrasies, TREY mixes it up in the method of presentation and ultimately, the generated outputs.

We think that’s something to celebrate.

Don’t you?



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