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Triathalon’s single, ‘Butter’ off of upcoming new album ‘Online’.

Triathlon is a band that is sometimes very perplexing to us, here at CHF. They are such a mix of contrasting styles and sensibilities. The philosophy of how they make songs, arrange other-genres, into a lump of dough – then constructing it into boxes and boxes of delicious and airy crackers. It’s a delightful craft, to hear and witness (although, we keep scratching our heads).

We just keep listening, however.

The use of spoken words, and the delectable use of digital process and auto-tuning is a highly prized treat for the listener. R&B, Pop, Indie, Brooklyn: blows our minds… In consecutive order.

..In palpitations.

..With heaving hips.

All in disordered, nourished, head traumatic relative beat-on-beats: ‘Butter’ is sensuality set at the triumphant order, setting you up for a sweet mess of sweat love and introspective affection.

We’d reviewed their song ‘I Want It’ back in September 2017, and we were keen on it. Meaning we dug it, to the max and commented on the Music Video, bit more. The song is definitely a delight and we’d stated that: “This video is “sleazy in its own right”, “skeevie and icky”, presents “sexual innuendos” and “jealousy”.

Loved, ‘I Want It’. And now, Triathalon, keeps on rolling with ‘Butter’ and continues to dig at our deepest of social mores (private & public) controlled, and describing the (magnificently near the surface) desire, personal emotional greed, and emotional lust for unhinged proprieties.

Delightful fun?

Heck yea.

And we dig it to BITS.

Anywho, ‘Butter’ is fabulous. It’s that welcomed drop of ‘Dawn’ liquid soap action, we all can use somtimes.

They’re rep’ed by Broken Circles.

Buy and Order [HERE]

Their tour beings in February. Check the dates [HERE].


‘Online’ Album song list:

  • 3
  • Couch
  • Butter
  • Hard To Move
  • Pull Up
  • Water
  • Sometimes
  • Plant
  • Bad Mood
  • Deep End
  • Training Day
  • Day One
  • True


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