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Triathalon’s I Want It. We want it because its a sneaky R&B innuendo ridden festival.

Oh, day time dramas. They do sure present fun for so many home makers. But some of the ridiculous scenarios presented in those soap operas, do sometimes come from real life.

This video is “sleazy in its own right”, “skeevie and icky”, presents “sexual innuendos” and “jealousy”. On top of that, there’s the interracial thing going on, as well.

LOL. And we dig it.

Anywho, the video though is less impressive (to us at CHF, at least), because the song itself is fab enough. I Want It, is an R&B twang with indie pop & rock goodness- rolled into one – subsonic suppository.

It’s just a awesome swim in mellow significance, which possibly could feel good going in.

The whimsy is epic, historical sticky pads are evident, and the band’s non-smiling humor is fantastic.

So, have at it. Video below:


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