Tripmaster Monkey ‘Ruined in Rouen’ : Back and continuing to ignite.

Tripmaster Monkey Band

Wes Haas, Jamie Toal, Marty Reyhons, Chris Bernat and Eric Stone gathered together again, after many changes and turns in their individual lives, to re-dedicate themselves in the music that they love to create.

Two decades and then some after exploding onto the national scene as a new and exciting young indie band, the original members of Tripmaster Monkey reunited to record their comeback album, ‘My East Is Your West’. More than two decades later, the dream reignited – this time, though, it would be on the band’s terms. Not a label. Now they were making music purely for the enjoyment of it.

With fleeting shoegaze rock beckoning at the heels of alternative shivers, the guitar driven rock band, originating from Quad Cities, is back. A turn of the delightful skewers, revel at the attempts at the second bite.

The journey starts again.


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