Tripper and the Wild Things ‘Juno’ : The stories the band tells, becomes all of us, right here and now.

Tripper and the Wild Things

Hamilton Ontario’s own Tripper and the Wild Things bring the single, ‘Juno’, for us to chomp on. And with its delicious caramel center, and hard dark chocolate externalities, ‘Juno’ is a deliverance of inviting indie folk rock, that warms your heart.

Like a Wes Anderson movie’s tone and pastel wonders, Tripper and the Wild Things’ vocal reverence and playful articulations, dangle, joy and aspiration to the cortex of your thinking mind. A drizzling heartache, inspired from the drudges of love, lust, and the disappointments – the stories the band tells in ‘Juno’ becomes all of us, right here and now.

The four-piece consists of Josh Keillor, Eric Tarquinio, James Puntillo, and Brian MacMahon.

Let’s take a sweet ride down ‘Juno’ way.


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