Troi Irons ‘Flowers’ : Off of the upcoming album, the title track is a coolness we can all relate to with gumption.

Troi Irons

Troi Irons’ sharp and decadent, post-rock pop goodness in title track ‘Flowers’ brings all of the goodness with zero adherence to the norm. With unique and succulent vocals, Troi’s attitude and effervescent surge for life, exudes and transcends from this single to your listening ears with palpable fun and glamour.

She is an artist creating arresting indie, no doubt.

Troi has picked up support from the likes of Billboard, Notion, Wonderland and far more. Her combination of vocals and weaving guitars gaining acclaim, from here to Sunday.

‘Flowers’ is a direct aim at a former partner. And it’s coolness we can all relate to with gumption.

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(i put on my bravado)

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