Trope Shares ‘Lambs’. And If You’re In The Mood For Some Hard Rock Trip. Hold On.

In the single ‘Lambs’, it’s all worth it for Diana Studenberg’s ‘hurrah’ moment at the end of the song. And in styles of songs like this, it’s where it all coalesces together to present the final planetary product. As the satellite peels forward into the limitless vastness of the cosmos, the orbiting collection of dust and debris, shows in full. The glorious and round terra, reveals how small and insignificant we can succumb.

Trope consists of: Dave Thompson, Diana Studenberg, Shawn Moran, and Aleks Amer.

The production is reminiscent of the band TOOL, with the eclectic drive of the unremitting message of self, doubt, and empowerment (or the lack of). It’s not up to you, sometimes. It’s up to you to realize that. It makes things better. Now you’re ready to move on.

Be stronger.

Be faster.

Be sharper.

You deserve it.


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