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Troy Meadows Shares ‘People Can Change (House Party Edition)’.

TROY MEADOWS’ single ‘People Can Change’ was originally published in 2018. The 14 track album ‘Adelaide’ is an eclectic collection of indie, rock, experimental, folk, and spoken word. The poetic versions of subject of current and the past, is pasted with the guitar jam of that unsung hero you’d read about. The planet is a bit fuller and more colorful with TROY MEADOWS idea of music and methods of communication.

And it comes down to that, doesn’t it?

Listen, and you’ll understand the under-stated and tailored words, gleaming in the highlight of TM’s vocals. The ravaged tone, drenches your ears, with unexpected hymns of inner turmoils and stories of change (or not), all framed with hook ridden rhymes certainly not of this Earth.

The re-devised single ‘People Can Change’ is presented with a dance-i-er proclamation. From the get go, the defining guitar licks whet the appetite, and keeps you jamming to that smooth plain of existence.

Addressed to a friend ‘in a dark place’, TM tries to put light to the problem of ‘defining’ one’s own ‘characteristics’, because it feels good. Even if that definition of yourself has negative implications. In a positive note, TM wants to believe that if “a person can change for the worse, he can surely change for the better”.

Right on.

D. Klein (Dan Wilson) is the artist behind this North New Jersey based project. The stripped down and elemental approach to music, is what makes TROY MEADOWS intriguing. It’s a project that nudges you towards something new, without being that pushy public offender. The gentle reminders, and thoughts throughout the songs, keeps things grounded and entertaining, at the same time.

TROY MEADOWS is an expression without boundaries, in how and when it can exist.

Looking forward to more from TROY MEADOWS as the months roll on.



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