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Trump rallied in Phoenix. His speech had anomalies, attacks, Arpaio, kitchen sink.

President Trump rallied in Phoenix, Arizona on August 22nd, where some say he’s started his bid for the 2020 re-election bid (and yes, he’s only 8 months into his first term as President). In his speech, there were reminiscing about his winning election bid for his Presidency against Hillary Clinton, building the wall, closing of government, Joe Arpaio, and of the “dishonest” media and their assumed nastiness and unfairness toward him.

In one of the highlights, he’d brought his speech from a week ago, regarding the Charlottesville protests, where anti-fascist groups and Neo-Nazi/Nationalist groups clashed. Trump read the speech from his paper during the rally, reminding his followers in Phoenix, that he’d timely reacted to the violence.

However, some sentences were omitted from that important first press conference speech. Below are articles and video, highlighting the event.


The New Yorker
TIME (speech transcript)


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