Trunky Juno ‘So Cool’ : Revels in the sweet nostalgic silliness of pop. Summertime is on.

Trunky Juno

Returning from a successful 2019, Trunky Juno is launching into 2020 with new single ‘So Cool’. Named as one of BBC introducing in the North Easts 2020 tips list, Trunky has delivered a lofi pop gem, boasting massive choruses whilst remaining as irreverent as ever.

With eccentricity turned up to full, Trunky Juno delivers ‘So Cool’, a track which revels in the sweet nostalgic silliness of pop, whilst retaining the signature lofi indie edge which has been so prevalent within Trunkys catalogue of releases so far.

‘So Cool’ is a departure and a continuation of previous Trunky Releases. The blueprints are clear to see in here, but once again Trunky Juno pushes his bedroom Pop sound a little further, building upon an already eclectic yet cohesive arsenal of songs. If previous single ‘Patrick Swayze’ was the lofi ballad, ‘So Cool’ is Trunkys version of a US Summertime Banger.

‘So Cool’ is taken from Trunky Juno’s upcoming debut EP.


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