TSHEGUE Shares New Video For Single ‘Muanapoto’. Expectations & Ecstasy Within.

‘Muanapoto’ is a feet thumping single from TSHEGUE’s debut EP ‘Survivor’. The Paris based band has attracted fans from many outlets, and with their eclectic interpretations in presentation, will keep on doing so.

The infectious dancing array of sounds captured in ‘Muanapoto’ put our day to day idiosyncrasies aside for a moment and willed us to close our eyes and dream. The drumming loops kept the atmosphere in a state of stasis, cryogenically surpassing the known future-past. The dimensions of light and dark, paced back and forth throughout the single, manifesting – pulsing – devouring – subjecting.

“From the moment we first heard ‘Muanapoto’ we knew we wanted to make something that did justice to its insane rhythm and trance feeling. ‘Muanapoto’ speaks for African immigrants in Europe who upon arrival are forced to deal with the unknown, surrounded by new customs, foreign languages, different food and climate, all of which can lead to feelings of alienation. ‘Muanapoto’ also feels like a release, a letting go, and that translates to the girl in our video, who feels the need to express something and is able to do so through dance and her body.” – Argentinian directors of the video, Pantera.

You should.

Enjoy it.


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