Tsotne ‘Calamity’ : Collaborations in visual. Heightened with audible textures.


NYC based electronic music producer and DJ, Tsotne, continues his methods of ambience and thoughtful soundscapes, with ‘Calamity’. An overall bigger take on the realms of pace and urgency, it contrasts in light of the past singles, as it delivers the taste and attitude in tone.

Tsotne was born in the Republic of Georgia, but soon in his earlier years moved to study in the American college in Bulgaria. There he was genuinely exposed to the underground electronic music scene in clubs like Chervilo and Yalta.

In the current state of the project Tsotne, his aim is collaboration with the visual, as well as with the yearnings of audible textures.

The more classic underground techno tinged offering of ‘Calamity’ breaks open another angle of salvo from the artist.


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