TTRRUUCES ‘Evil Elephant’ : Creativity and imagination. Look out.


TTRRUUCES place creativity and imagination at the forefront of everything they do while spinning free of the confines of genre and limits. They’ve created an otherworldly narrative that’s been further explored with a series of striking visuals and aural exertions.

That approach also informs TTRRUUCES’ new single ‘Evil Elephant’, a twisted, surreal Disney-style anthem by way of ternary techno. The track’s video, directed by Malvalien, is a dazzling animated visualization which starts upon the statement: “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: elephant.” This discomforting display domesticates our docile friends as we see elephants everywhere: laughing maniacally in the mirror, studying evolution and informing renaissance-era art, as their leader, President Trunk, vows to “Make elephants great again.”

Written as a rock opera, the upcoming self-titled debut album (June 26th) is a dream-like adventure, simultaneously euphoric and disorientating in both mood and execution. At its core is the story of a Sad Girl and a Lost Boy, whose quest to acquire a new drug named TTRRUUCES takes them on a mind-altering journey. The album’s sound is equally audacious.

The Anglo-French duo – Natalie Findlay and Jules Apollinaire – are full of starry-eyed ambition, and have crafted a saturated fusion of symphonic pop, boisterous beats and reflective ballads. Each song is accompanied by a visual which will ensemble into a final movie.

Based in London, the band is intriguing, beguiling, taunting, and just very unavoidably glorious. With wrapped up sounds, walled into the vestiges of mystery and shimmer, a galaxy of vibes overwhelm your senses. As you get up from your self-induced ecstasy, you realize the fabulous vocals and the rousing production.

Look out.

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EVIL ELEPHANT Coming on 23.04.2020 🐘

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