TTRRUUCES ‘I’m Alive’ (Video) : Walled into the vestiges of mystery and shimmer.


TTRRUUCES’ unbridled creativity has captured the imagination of many. And for good reason.

‘I’m Alive’ is a milestone in their story that unfolds throughout their debut album. By this point, youthful outsiders Sadie (the Sad Girl) and Syd (the Lost Boy) have escaped from their previous directionless lives and embarked upon an other-wordly adventure. They experienced the TTRRUUCES blue pill, leitmotiv of the record, which induced a descent to hell for them with the powerful bad trip in the eponymous track, and the mechanical whirlwind of Evil Elephant. They are now together on a path towards happiness and freedom.

The track is accompanied by a dazzling new video, which adds a visual dimension to this new chapter. The duo embark upon the road trip of a lifetime, traveling through their fictional world. The animation beams with primary colors, while numerous subtle details to other parts of the story are hidden in plain view. It’s a clever way of further immersing fans into the story.

Based in London, the band is intriguing, beguiling, taunting, and just very unavoidably glorious in this single. With wrapped up sounds, walled into the vestiges of mystery and shimmer, a galaxy of vibes overwhelm your senses.

As you get up from your self-induced ecstasy, you realize the fabulous vocals and the rousing production.


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