Tuarrah ‘Palimpsest’ : “This is a song for the mistakes.”


From LP ‘Lying on Our Backs’, Tuarrah serves up a collection of stories that all stem from the idea of finding beauty in the intimate moments we all share with one another and how this is reflected in the natural world that surrounds us.

Said Tuarrah: “As canvasses get painted over and revisions are made, traces of those alterations remain. Even if the changes are invisible to the naked eye, we scan the paintings with our fancy tools and learn about the history of the work. What stories are hiding under those layers? In music, we have the option to re-record over the tape and not leave a trace. This is a song for the mistakes.”

‘Palimpsest’ was written after a long afternoon of looking at paintings at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Tuarrah became fascinated by the idea that mistakes sometimes remain visible in paintings, often as a factor of the medium rather than the choice of the artist.


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